03Aug 2015

OHIM report on counterfeiting practises in the EU

The Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market (OHIM) has published the attached report about counterfeiting practises in the EU.

This document is the latest report of the Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market (OHIM) about counterfeiting practises in the EU.

Over 26 Billion € and up to 363.000 jobs are lost every year in the EU due to counterfeiting of electrotechnical products, clothes, shoes and accessories sometimes also affecting the safety of the EU inhabitant’s.

When the knock-on effects on suppliers are taken into account, legitimate businesses across the EU lose 43.3 billion € of sales revenue because of counterfeiting with around 518.000 jobs lost.

This report is part of a series of studies into the economic impact of counterfeiting in a number of sectors in the EU which will be released over the coming months.

This topic would be discussed at the coming Executive Board of ETICS in September 18th, to see how we can use this information and maybe make a contribution.

If your CB has experienced direct counterfeit of your certificates and associated products please feedback to the Secretariat at your earliest convenience.

The report is available at the following location: http://www.eepca.eu/doc/document_download.php?document=12446


And from the OIHM webiste: https://oami.europa.eu/ohimportal/fr/web/observatory/observatory-publications



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