19May 2017


Ashok GANESH (Director Innovation of CEN-CENELEC) gave a keynote speech on the European Standardization and the market trends with regard to the Digital Transformation underlining that the...

Ashok GANESH (Director Innovation of CEN-CENELEC) gave a keynote speech on the European Standardization and the market trends with regard to the Digital Transformation underlining that the actions taken by CEN-CENELEC are meant to ensure that the service provided to the customers is of true value and that CEN-CENELEC highly supports the Digitization of the European Industry during the critical digital transformation. He stressed how rapidly technology evolves and that Traditional sectors now need IT standardization responses pointing out that there is an emerging need to reinforce the links with the industry because the new products are more complex, thus Standards need to evolve and the Organizations developing standards need to evolve accordingly.


Carl-Eric PORTAELS (Policy Director at LightingEurope) gave a presentation on LightingEurope new structure and Strategic Roadmap determined to face the challenges of new technologies and new trends in lighting industry. He informed that LightingEurope will be focusing on four strategic areas identified as LEDification (LED), Intelligent Lighting Systems (ILS), Human Centric Lighting (HCL) and Circular Economy (CE). He also stated that the Strategic Roadmap of LightingEurope demonstrates the increasing growth in the value of light to society stressing that in such process energy efficiency is supplemented with light for sustainability and with light for wellbeing.


Pierre SELVA (Director-Conformity Assessment & Market Surveillance) presented the vision of CECAPI detailing the “tasks” and the “key current activities” highlighting the promotion of the European and IEC standards and the Conformity Assessment & Market Surveillance stating that the two cannot in fact be dissociated to make third party conformity assessment credible. He explained that manufacturers make significant investments in choosing to certify their products and be granted with private conformity Marks and that in return they need to be reassured that their interests are protected in the market place. He stated that CECAPI policy is to encourage the use of National private conformity marks through voluntary certification schemes with largest recognition, being cost and investment effective.


In order to improve trust within and outside ETICS and provide an unquestionable visibility of the various conformity assessment operations, the Management Committee appointed Dr Jeremy HODGE (BASEC) as Chairman and Messrs Igor LIKAR (SIQ), Jürg RELLSTAB (Electrosuisse), Cengiz Mehmet BATIGUN and Carl-Eric PORTAELS (LightingEurope) as Members of the Board of Appeal.


Pierre de Ruvo (Secretary General & CEO, ETICS) gave a presentation detailing the vision, the follow up actions and the achievements made in the last three years over the thresholds and goals approved by the Members of the former EEPCA Association and ECS Members on the basis of the Strategic Plan recommended by the ECS Strategic Group.


He explained that the ETICS’ Vision outlined in 2015 to match the ENEC aspirations detailed the values and actions required to promote third party conformity assessment and that although close ties should be developed with all stakeholder partners to achieve stable, long-term cooperation and mutual benefits, the Signatories of ENEC should, on on-going basis, keep an eye on the market place, ready to open to new opportunities.


The Secretary General emphasized that the services provided by the ENEC Members shall always be promoted as being a public service that provides to consumers safe and efficient products.


He made a sinology of the vision representing a tree in that its roots, the foundation of the company, are the ENEC values as articulated in the Guiding Principles and the ETICS Code of Conduct and ENEC Agreement whereas the trunk provides a stable base of services in which the resulting fruits are always the result of safest and efficient consumer products and components within a structure of sustainable growth.


He also reminded that the Aims and Goals of the Strategic Plan should still be the enlargement and the promotion of the existing conformity assessment services, to include other segments for a broader range of customer groups such as Small & Medium Enterprises, Tenders, Retailer, Buyers, Vendors, Consumers, Market Surveillance etc. under the changed boundary conditions in Europe by cooperating with other International, Regional and National Organizations.


The MCCB also noted the statement from the Secretary General that the original assumption as proposed by the former Strategic Group whereby ENEC could be successfully proposed together with 27 different Private Marks did not find interest within the EU DG Growth and neither received the greatest political rewards essentially because the use of 27 Private Marks together with ENEC as a “banner call European Mark” is perceived antagonistic and not federative.


He said that ENEC should be proposed as the reference to guarantee a third party approach for the compliance of products and advocate the added value that ENEC can bring to the EU market and its Consumers, supporting the legislation for the compliance of products to the relevant Directive(s).


The MCCB recognized that ETICS has gained a substantial visibility among the various Stakeholders not only as a European Association but also as an invaluable partner with whom cooperation has a meaning. The MCCB also acknowledged that ETICS is today underpinned by a sound financial situation


Reference was made to the implementation of the new model to assess the continued competence of Testing Laboratories by relying to National Accreditation and the proprietary ETICS Assessment System was also pointed as a considerable step onward to face the modern era.


Concluding his report, the Secretary General said that ENEC Members should pursue the efforts to create opportunities for all Member CBs to develop and be key players in the ENEC System and that the attempt to launch the ENEC Mark together with the QR Code is an initiative that would definitely promote ENEC as a credible European Mark with no signs that would discriminate any of the ENEC Signatories, create opportunities to follow the modern stream of Digitalization and set a user friendly European/Global Database that would be supported by the various stakeholders.


Giancarlo ZAPPA in his capacity as incoming Secretary General of ETICS explained his Strategic vision and Operational recommendations to pursue the reforming efforts of ETICS and ENEC to face the challenges that a Regional third party conformity assessment would have to cope with.



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