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The originator takes no responsibility for and will not assume liability for damages resulting from the reader's interpretation of the reproduced material due to its placement and context.

The decision sheets provide a common understanding and/or interpretation of the standards and can never be considered as a modification of the standards that is under the responsibility of the relevant standardization committees.

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  OSM-FIP Public Decision sheet - 2022_01_Calibration_interval.pdf Calibration / verification interval 2023-03-30
  OSM-FIP Decision sheet_Periodic_Tests_ 2020_08_31.pdf OSM-FIP Decision sheet_Periodic_Tests 2020-09-03
  OSM-FIP Decision sheet_Routine_Tests_ 2020_08_31.pdf OSM-FIP Decision sheet_Routine_Tests_ 2020_08_31 2020-09-03
x 2014-12-22, Product Categories Decision.pdf Product Categories 2015-01-06
  D22-09, Dummy test.pdf Dummy Test 2015-01-06
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