24Nov 2015

CEOC and ETICS Sign Cooperation Agreement

International non-profit Organisations have signed a cooperation agreement aiming at using synergies for the sake of efficiency for both common Members and relevant Stakeholders.

Brussels, Belgium, 20 November 2015 - The International Confederation of Inspection and Certification Organisations (CEOC) and the European Testing, Inspection and Certification System (ETICS) have signed a cooperation agreement with the joint vision of promoting the development of third-party Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC).


With effect from January 2016, CEOC and ETICS will be located at the same premises in Brussels, and although they remain independent entities, will share administrative as well as secretariat duties, and actively collaborate on mutually beneficial activities. The unified Secretariat platform is designed to support a growing spectrum of TIC service options while maintaining a common experience for all respective members and stakeholders. 


This cooperation also aims to offer to the various stakeholders a complementary route for industry to comply with the essential requirements of relevant EU Directives. Among the stakeholders are the European Commission and its Directorate-General for Growth (DG Growth) which is responsible for completing the internal market for goods and services and is implementing the industrial and sectorial policies to help turn the EU into a smart, sustainable and inclusive economy.


In conjunction with the recent Joint CEOC-EUROLAB-IFIA International Safety Conference, respective Presidents of CEOC and ETICS, Simo Hassi and Dr. Michael Kappelan endorsed the Service Agreement earlier signed by the Secretaries-General of the two organisations, Drewin Nieuwenhuis and Pierre de Ruvo.


Kappelan stated, "With this partnership, CEOC and ETICS demonstrate their common strong commitment to provide modern and comprehensive Testing, Inspections and Certification services that will grant people in Europe and worldwide, assurances of product safety, performance and energy efficiency etc.".


Hassi added, "Together, we look forward to reinforcing and expanding our capabilities to deliver more benefits to and in cooperation with the stakeholders of conformity assessment."




From left to right: Drewin Nieuwenhuis – CEOC Secretary General,  Simo Hassi – CEOC President, Dr. Michael Kappelan – ETICS President, Pierre de Ruvo – ETICS Secretary General and CEO.

Pierre de Ruvo – ETICS Secretary General and CEO –  and Drewin Nieuwenhuis – CEOC Secretary General – signing the Cooperation Agreement in Brussels


Back : Pierre de Ruvo – ETICS Secretary General and CEO, Drewin Nieuwenhuis – CEOC Secretary General. Front : Dr. Michael Kappelan – ETICS President, Simo Hassi – CEOC President.


About CEOC
CEOC International is a not-for-profit organisation that represents 30 independent inspection and certification organisations in 19 countries, promoting safety, quality and the environment through independent inspection and certification.

ETICS is the European Testing, Inspection and Certification System offering and promoting ENEC, the flagship European certification Mark that attests conformity to EN standards to consumer products and associated components and equipment in the Electrotechnical Sector.



For more information:
CEOC: Drewin Nieuwenhuis - drewin.nieuwenhuis@ceoc.com
ETICS: Pierre de Ruvo – pierre-de-ruvo@etics.org



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