The Keymark Fact Sheet

Title European Mark Scheme for Household and similar Electrical Appliances.
Type European Certification Scheme.
Basic document Permanent Document EMS01 401, established September 1997.
Scope of products Household appliances. Standards: EN 60335-1 and relevant Parts 2, including amendments. National differences to be covered. When not possible in exceptional cases, the licence and the product instructions shall be marked with "Not certified for (country)".
Management body Keymark signatories, operating within the European Certification System.
Signatories 16 Certification Bodies in 16 European countries.
Particularities The issuing of licences in the Keymark EMS01 has been discontinued as from 1 January 2008. Maintenance of existing licences will be ensured for the lifetime of the licences. New licences will be issued under the ENEC Mark.
Legal protection The mark is jointly owned and registered by the European standards organisations CEN and CENELEC.
Secretariat ETICS
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