The HAR fact sheet

Title Agreement on the use of a Commonly Agreed Marking for Cables and Cords complying with Harmonised Specifications.
Type European Mutual Recognition Agreement.
Basic document HAR Permanent Document A, first established 1974, latest amendment April 2010.
Scope of products Low voltage electric cables and cords covered by HD 21, HD 22, EN 50525, EN 50143, EN 50214, EN 60702 and EN 61138.
Purpose To grant a common mark of conformity according to European ENs or HDs on cables and cords, which is unconditionally recognised by all signatories as equivalent to their own mark.
Management body HAR Group, composed of representatives of all signatories.
Advisory body HAR Advisory Committee, composed of representatives of manufacturers' associations, consumers and standardisers.
Signatories 18 Certification Bodies in 18 European countries.
Admission of new signatories Within the country of the applicant, the European ENs and HDs must have formally entered into force; any conflicting national standards must have been withdrawn. Assessment of capability and qualification of the candidate by a HAR assessment team, according to harmonised requirements; positive results to be formally endorsed by the HAR Group.
Legal protection The symbol HAR is registered by the signatories in their own country.

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